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Gandia Insurance & Truck Permits, Inc - is a full-service, locally owned, independent insurance agency. They take pride in being one of the most respected independent insurance agencies in the area.


They recognize that their sustenance depends upon the quality of their insurance protection service and their advice. They provide their services to a  wide spectrum of individuals, and businesses. The highly trained and experienced staff at Gandia Insurance will  serve all your insurance needs, offering protection on your home, auto, property, business and more. Insurance for all trucking companies in the Orlando area, from truck carriers to dump trucks and more, is also available.  They will take the guesswork out of insurance by developing a program specifically designed for you, and they will respond with prompt, and professional service. 


They have a commitment to the residents and businesses of the  area to offer the best insurance protection available at the most reasonable rates.  No matter what insurance needs may be, you can count on Gandia Insurance.  They have earned an excellent reputation for providing quality insurance protection and customer service  to all of their clients.  Remember, Gandia  Insurance Agency serves you first.


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Taimy Gandia

I have been in the insurance industry since 2001 and have experience on both the Independent side and direct writer side. Utilizing my extensive experience and knowledge of the insurance industry, I am better equipped to service all your insurance needs.  I also help customers to get started with their small businesses or truck business by setting them up with Corporation, Tax Exemption MC, DOT UCR, over-weight,over-length permits etc. My knowledge on the truck industry I earned it from my husband truck business.  For this reason I am able to give them an orientation on how to start their truck business.


My goal for my agency is to build long lasting relationships with my customers.  I want to be your agent for life and for the generations to come. By having many brokers that I work with, I can find the best insurance premium.  Myself and my staff are always available to help with all your insurance questions and concerns. My core values include honesty and integrity when dealing with all of our customers.  I take pride in representing you as my customer and meetings your needs, not just looking out for the insurance companies but serving you with your insurance needs.

Richer Diaz

Richer Diaz, the CEO of Gandia Insurance & Truck Permits is a successful business owner with over 10 years of experience in the trucking industry. He decided to combine his expertise with his wife Taimy Gandia, who has over 10 years of experience as an insurance agent. They decided to open Gandia Insurance & Truck Permits based on both of their combined experiences and their extensive knowledge in the field. Due to this, they are able to provide numerous resources to their clients to help them establish their businesses, as well as providing them with the tools to get started such as, corporations, licenses, truck permits, and all types of business and personal insurance.


We know that in the trucking industry the relationship between the client and the agency  is essential in order to provide excellent customer service, therefore we strive and pride ourselves to achieve this level of excellence service.

Daimy Perez

Daimy Perez is Taimy's daughter and she part of the Permits Team here at Gandia Insurance & Truck Permits. Daimy works on all kinds of permits for all the clients. From creating DOTs, MCs, and Tax IDs, Daimy is an incredibly persistant and avid worker. She helps her clients throughout all the permit processes and until their situation is fixed and they have everything they need. She is also very consistant and thorough. 

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