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If you are planning to start a new trucking business or if you already have one, and you need help with any of the filing services listed above, please do not hesitate to call our office. Just complete the Form(s) on the Insurance Services & Forms tab and hit submit or call one of our agents in our office for an over the phone quote or assistance.


For Your Information:

What is a DOT Number?

It is a number that identify each company that operates commercial vehicles transporting passangers or hauling cargo on interstate or intrastate commerce.This is a requirement and it is used for monitoring your company about safety, audits, compliance, reviews, crashes, investigations & inspections. It has to be updated every two years or every time you make a change like adding new units or changing your operations.

What is an MC#?

The Motor Carrier number is a number that allows carrier to cross State lines, used for the government to track carriers through the system. That number is registered on the data base of the Motor Carrier Safety Administration and it contains you license and insurance information.

What is a BOC-3?

It is a form that designates a process agent to represent the carrier, broker or freight forwarder on any procedure against the carrier that involve filing of court papers. This form is required to complete the Motor Carrier process activation. Electronically Filed with the FMCSA-You will be notified via email the same day the payment is processed.

What is the UCR Filing?

Unified Carrier Registration or UCR needs to be filed annually before January 1, the registration and fees depend on the number of units that operates interstate.

What is the KY Number?

If you operate on the state of Kentucky as private carrier or for hire and your tractor and trailer once loaded exceed the 60,000 pounds on GVW, then you are required to apply for a tax number, and also to file quarterly reports. You need to have an active MC authority and current UCR filing in order to apply for this number.

What is the IFTA Report?

(International Fuel Tax Agreement) is required for truck/tractor Trailer that when uploaded the GVW exceeds 26,000 pounds. Each carrier must have an IFTA Permit and Decal displayed on each unit. Once you received the IFTA license you are requested to file the report every 3 months. The fees due depends on your report.

Truck Permit Services

New Corporations & Annual Reports 

FEIN # (Tax ID)

New DOT # & Updates

New MC # & Updates



IFTAs (Please print and complete IFTA "MILES & GALLONS SHEET" and fax or email to our office)

New IRP & Renewals


Road Taxes (Form 2290)

CT Permits 

KY Permits

NM Permits

NY Permits & HUT Stickers

New Corporation Services 



Tax ID (FEIN #)

DOT #  



Tax ID (FEIN #)


MC #


IFTA Application & IFTA Stickers

IRP Application

IRP/IFTA E-File Request Form 


Drug & Alcohol Program 

Clearing House Registration 

(OPTIONAL) Permits for CT, KY, NY (HUT), NM

Important Permit Dates

1st Quarter IFTA -------------------------------------> Due by April 30th 

Corporation Annual Reports -------------------------------------> Due by May 1st 

2nd Quarter IFTA -------------------------------------> Due by July 31st 

Road Tax (2290) -------------------------------------> Due by August 31st 

3rd Quarter IFTA -------------------------------------> Due by October 31st 

IFTA Decals/Stickers -------------------------------------> Due by December 31st 

UCR -------------------------------------> Due by December 31st 

4th Quarter IFTA -------------------------------------> Due by January 31st

**The DOT Biennial Update**

Please note that your DOT tells you when the update needs o be made. Please refer to this chart:

If your DOT number ends in these number then you have to file by the end of this month:











If the next-to-last digit of the DOT Number is odd, then the update has to be filed in every odd-numbered calendar year. If the next-to-last digit of the DOT Number is even, then the update has to be filed in every even-numbered calendar year.

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